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The Song of the Nightjar pt.1

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Teaser poster picture of actor Martina Kuitto as Nightjar shot by Eetu Keränen and MUAH by Iina Rajamo from Wonderland Gone Bad

This is the first part of my story behind the scenes of our first horror short movie Nightjar.

Nightjar is a love song for old fashion horror movies and 80`s body horror mixed with modern synthwave music.

Nightjar in Teemu´s words:

´´ It may contain art and small parts of peanuts´´

The first public screening was on 10.11.2018 in Cinemadrome film festival in Tampere, Finland. But we still haven't published it on anywhere else. It can be seen on other film festivals in Finland and other countries trough the year of 2019 before we publish it on YouTube.

The Story behind the story of Nightjar

Actors Martina Kuitto and Janne Karjalainen in Nightjars world. Photo by Eetu Keränen

I had this idea in my mind about a race of human like creatures that would feed on human blood. They aren't vampires or monsters but these creatures would be horrible in other ways. They would would lure the humans in to their lair and feed on their blood and the humans would let them them do this because they are under some kind of love spell. Nighjars would use their mind powers and humans would be loved to death or drained to death.

In this story i thought that the last Nightjar would be left. Other Nightjars have died and the last one is living in middle of the great forest. She uses the men to get more men in to the lair where she lives and uses them in her horrible ways.

This Nightjars psychic force is strong but her method of blood drinking is not that nice. In the beginning she had a nicer ways to drink, but these years of solitude have made this young Nightjar a little coo-coo in the head and she has started to play with her pray.

To be continued...

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