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The Carpenterian monster movie – PART 2/2

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

This is the part 2 of 2 on my commentary towards our Bizarre monster film. If you haven't read the first part I suggest to read it first and then get back to this. So I will continue straight where I left off last week, here we go!


We wanted a little bit of A&B spirit involved in the script. So we included our own A&B Plörö bottle to the script. In the design, we got help from Sata Kaskelottia's Ville Salonen (who also is the drummer of the band and a graphic designer).

Hmm... does this design remind you from another brand?

He designed the label of the bottle and also made the Azh Boyzz official seal. That seal is also used in our crew's hoodies.

Another prop that we wanted to use were real emergency torches. Just like in the original The Thing. It is a big part of the movie and also it would create a nice light for our ice set. So we contacted the local police department and asked for permission to use these torches. We got a one hour time window to get the shots we needed.

All the other props, we just gathered around from anywhere we could find and wrote them into the script. It is easier and cheaper to do it that way. With a very strict budget, it is better to think as much as possible pieces that you already have around you. Before going to buy all those needed bits and pieces.

Burt Kusel using a emergency-torch.
Burt Kusel trying to keep Päd Fhing away with a emergency-torch. Photo by Eetu Keränen.


The label in John Carpenter's films is that all of them have this certain magical look in them. Mostly shot on 35mm film paired with anamorphic lenses. Of course, we didn't have the money to shoot on real celluloid but Teemu owns an anamorphic lens adapter that we could mimic the look with right lens choices. It is time-consuming and a bit frustrating to use but it is totally worth it. There are cases that you can't use it and certain things (like close focus) are limited, so you have to carefully design where and when you use it.

Anamorphic lensflare.
Well all have seen these. Classic anamorphic lens flares.

That's also the reason, why all the monster shots had to be planned and story-boarded beforehand. Teemu also made this animation from the drawings to present the mood and style for our crew and the band members.


AAMUMANDAATTI title sequence was captured by Karo and Teemu. It was made after all the principal shoots were done, in the studio. The text was designed again by the band member Ville Salonen. Designed in the same spirit that titles of both versions (Hawks and Carpenter's) of The Thing movies. All movement is practically made by Teemu and Karo. And yes, they tried also the classic "burning" method that was used in original versions. But that didn't quite work and there were fire alarms above in the studio so they were a bit scared to try it out too many times. Burning plastic bags bring up some smoke and definitely smell bad!


Teemu had sent our music videos to Berlin Music Video Award before. Those have been selected to Silver Screenings but not as a part of the official competition. He decided to send our monster spectacle there also, because... why not!

And we are REALLY proud to say that our Sata Kaskelottia - Aamumandaatti is an official nominee at BMVA'19! YIPPEE!

It will be held just a few weeks after writing this blog-post (end of May 2019). Our music video is in the Most Bizarre -category. That sounds quite rightful towards our piece!

AFTERALL, I think it is a funny little film and a nice tribute to Carpenter and the best film ever made. Enjoy it and keep in mind that nothing is what it looks... and BE CAREFUL. You never know what's waiting for you behind the corner. I will end this post with maestro John Carpenter's words:

Drive home carefully. Christine is out there. Good night.

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