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Tre Caldo Gatto Bottiglia Assassino a Portata Di Mano – Cat in the Bottle

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

"That spelling is totally wrong in Italy!"

-Yeah, we know.

"It doesn't even mean anything highly intelligent!"

-Yeah, we know.

"You are just cheap copycats of the MASTERO's of the Giallo-genre!"

-Yeah, we know and are proud of it!

Worlds first “Fiallo” movie!

Tre Caldo Gatto Bottiglia Assassino a Portata Di Mano – Cat in the Bottle (also known by working title TENÚ), is a new, experimental, unseen movie experience produced in Finland. Our so called "Fiallo-genre" means simply Finnish Giallo.

Giallo is a 20th-century Italian thriller or horror genre of literature and film. Especially outside Italy, giallo refers specifically to a particular Italian thriller-horror genre that has mystery elements and often contains slasher, crime fiction, psychological thriller,psychological horror, sexploitation, and, less frequently, supernatural horror elements. In Italy, the term generally denotes thrillers, typically of the crime fiction,mystery, and horror sub genres, regardless of the country of origin. – Wikipedia

We want to bring this forgotten genre back to better knowledge and develop a new sub-genre called Fiallo. Our movie is a huge salute for the genre on all the departments. Overall style, music, acting and the look of the film is strongly influenced with the classic genre elements. Without forgetting our addition of Scandinavian style and strong black humor to the genre.


Where it all began?

I have had for a long time this idea in my head to make a fake trailer of an Giallo film that didn't exist at all. I talked first time about it to Ville on our vacation trip (we had tickets to John Carpenter live show at Oberhausen, Germany) and he said "Why not make it for real?". I thought about it and said "Yeah... Why not!".

First it was one murder scene just couple of actors and mainly one location. Now the script is 20+ pages long and there is several locations and several characters in the story involved. But that's not a bad thing at all.

Following the footsteps of the masters...

Our short movie is mix of Giallo, Poliziotteschi(=Euro-crime) and horror elements. It’s classic murder mystery and story about two detectives that tries to solve and catch this crazy killer. Filled with black humor which is huge element in this genre. Intended or unintended but those moments are something that people always remember from these movies! Biggest inspirations toward the genre are directors like Dario Argento, Sergio Martino, Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava, Aldo Lado, Umberto Lenzi and so on...



Music has really important role in the genre. Our work on this movie started from the music. We had music roughly planned and even first demos made before we had any version of the script done. From the beginning we knew that if we don't have the right music for this movie we have nothing. Same as if we are missing one of the lead actors from the film.

Our biggest source of inspiration toward music are artists/bands well known behind this genre. Goblin, Claudio Simonetti, Fabio Frizzi, Bruno Nicolai, Stelvio Cipriani, Ennio Morricone and so on. We have some really interesting contacts building up on the music side. But that information we can't share yet.



Language in the film will be in Finnish, but we are still working on the idea if the final piece will be dubbed in English. In the 60's and 70's most of the Giallo movies were made in Italian language and later dubbed in English for international release. Or some cases they even didn't record sound on location (because tight budgets) and knew they will add speech later on in the movie. This technique was actually called as MOS ('mit out sound') shooting.

Screenshot from Cat in the Bottle #1 teaser.

When the genre was in it's most popular state there were globally known actors hired on these Italian films. Even though they didn't speak the language it didn't matter. Director might just ask actor to say "One, two, three, four." knowing that they will dub it anyway later. But even voice-over actors were often just few persons playing multiple roles and voice sync was a bit off.

In our movie this classic “mistake” will be part of it. All our teaser texts (even movie name)

are just translated roughly through Google translate. Without any spelling checks. So our

movie language is a bit “off-sync” like the dubbing is in the movies. But even that our original title is kind of "nonsense" it is opened up in the movie why it is like that...

Stile visivo

(Visual style)

Visual style plays also a huge role. Wide shots presenting great looking settings, murderer POV-shots (POV=Point of view), extreme closeups and surprising camera angles are few of these elements that we are going to be using in our movie. Colorful lighting and set design, theatrical mood and certain look on wardrobe are just few key elements. All these things are our cornerstones to achieve the authentic look of the film and our final style. Spiced up with a bit of Finnish look and mood, of course.

As we so much would love it to totally look 70's movie from wardrobe to locations to actual lenses used on the camera. We know that we must take some compromises as we are after all making a low budget indie film. So that is why we are thinking the world to be in some "hybrid" universe where there is lot of props from old era (old phones, wardrobe, lamps, tables, our main character cars, etc.) combined with locations that look old enough but still might be quite modern.

Le sfide

(The challlenges)

We have quite many challenges on this project. As this genre demands we must have great looking locations, acting must be at the right"wrong" level, soundtrack must be a kick-ass, visuals must shout GIALLO, there is quite a few practical effects, lots and lots of needed props that support our story and world... and so on.

What this all means? We can't make this movie with zero budget. We have expenses that must be fulfilled partially from our own pockets but also we need help on this from some financial organizations or individual supporters. That's also the reason this project is stretched before we can actually start to shoot.

Il nostro prossimo obiettivo

(Our next goal)

At the moment we are planning to shoot short "prelude" for our movie which is based in the same world as our Cat in the Bottle. There is some of our main characters written in and overall visual style that we are after will be presented in it. So in a nutshell it is our proof of concept. This will be made as soon as we have everything scheduled for it and have time (and money) to do it. It is already scripted, location scouted and planned out as much as possible beforehand. This is something we will be updating here as we proceed with it.

There is interest toward our movie...

and that is the most rewarding thing. People have made clear that they are interested of our project. We have already collaborated with great artist and are discussing with others to be part of the project.

One of these is this amazing oil paint artist Chad Keith who made this awesome oil painting for our movie even before we have shot a single second of our actual film. That is REALLY supportive and clear trust toward our vision. Check Chad's amazing work from his Instagram account.

I wanted to praise Chad's great work and animated his work with a touch of Giallo-mood. On this video you can also hear amazing song made for our movie by our trusted member Visa Lahtinen, ReCyclop Studio.

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