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Cat in the Bottle – Teasers breakdown

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

After we had decided to start work on the Tre Caldo Gatto Bottiglia Assassino a Portata Di Mano script we knew that we would like to publish short teaser or two for it, so we did!


Cat in the Bottle – Teaser #1

Without exact plan we went to studio with Ville and wanted to create something that would catch viewers attention. We only had some elements with us like:

  • leather jacket

  • leather gloves

  • a mask (personally I don't like it as it is too recognizable, but that was all we got...)

  • a knife

  • great looking rubber finger

Ville had some nice visual ideas how to use the knife in his head. So I tried my best to capture them through the lens as Ville had it planned out and of course, mixed my own ideas in there too. Only clear thing we had already planned for this session was Azh Boyzz logo video where we slap our hands together in slow-mo. We wanted there to be yellow liquid involved in that moment and that's what we did. Still have found few of those yellow stains from the roof of our studio after this session, it was messy...

Azh Boyzz logo video
Azh Boyzz logo video with old logo and slogan.

When we created this image with finger in the middle we thought that "This is like giving a bloody middle finger straightaway to the viewer." . So that stuck in to our heads and also involved to be part of our mystery killers personality. We wanted to mimic classic Giallo style with our mystery killers personality. Slow movements combined with fast movement.

Cat in the Bottle - Teaser #1
Our precious bloody middle finger for the viewers.

After the studio session we went straight ahead to edit the materials. We also recorded the voice over sounds in the edit step. Music was an element that was already made by our trusted artist Visa Lahtinen (ReCyclop Studios). I believe it is the first song ever done to our Fiallo movie, not bad at all!

The piece we got together from all this "non-sense" brainstorming is something that we are still really proud of. Happy to watch it again every now and then...

Cat in the Bottle – Teaser #2

I wanted to have child element involved in our Giallo as it is a strongly used element in the genre. Child voices, drawings or story related bad childhood memory are just few examples how they been used over and over again inside the genre movies.

Dario Argento's Profondo Rosso child painting.
Example of an child painting from Profondo Rosso.

So I suggested Ville to give his child's a mission to draw our poster image. Ville also recorded voice overs with them. After that he just gave few key words for his children's what they should draw:

  • cat

  • bottle

  • bad guy

  • police

  • our movie title in both language + woring title TENÚ

  • Ville also recorded some voice overs from them

So we got these awesome drawings. I scanned them, animated them and added the voice overs. Music was made by Ville with his magical synth machine.

We were so amazed from these pieces of art that we pressed our first Cat in the Bottle T-shirts from them!


Cat in the Bottle – Teaser #3

Third teaser was born when we had this awesome dude made by our trusted SpecialFX person Karo Von Rutenhjelm (CamIce Productions). It was made for a music video project that never happened but as Karo had already done this effect he wrote a short movie (The Ticket) for it. But that is another story and another topic...

Biggest influence on this teaser was a movie trailer... And of course the trailer I am talking about is the classic Dario Argento's Suspiria.

We wanted to mimic the mood and moment of that skeleton turning around. Spiral on the background was practically made (of course!) and we had to give it crazy spin speeds to keep it spinning as long as possible. That spiral thing was also an element made for another of our projects. Our first commercial job (Saranco). But that is again another topic...

I wanted to make really precis lighting in the eye of our lovely model. We also practically were shutting down and turning on the lights to achieve the right mood. Knife acting was made by me and Ville was operating the blood effects. Really love how that acrylic paint looks like. For me that is THE COLOR of blood I am always after in our movies. Love it!

We even borrowed the great tagline from the Suspiria movie:

The only thing more terrifying than the last 12 minutes of this film are the first 92.
Suspiria tagline.
Classic tagline for the Suspiria.

Of course we made our own tagline from it but the source of inspiration definitely is there.

The horrifying LAST five minutes

are as long as the FIRST five minutes.

Music is made together by Ville and Visa. I think it is my favorite. Overall for me our teaser #3 is the best of them. I also like the elements inside it that have been presented in our earlier teasers, so there is kind of continuity. See yourself if you can find all those elements.

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