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To dig deeper into the italian horror cinema and the giallo genre...

Updated: May 24, 2019

In this REVIEWS section we will dig deeper into the Italian horror cinema and the sub-genre Giallo. We will explore movies you should see and were you can get your hands on these gems. Traditional stories of the Italian murder mystery thriller (Giallo) is female (F-Giallo) or male (M-Giallo) driven tales of exciting and sometimes boring events that eventually leads to somebody getting killed by black gloved psycho sexual killer who's identity will be revealed in the end and often will have a terrible death by falling on the ground from somewhere high... yea sounds terrible, i know. The genre is hard. You might have to watch a LOT of them before you start to really like them and accept the weird world of Giallo. They are silly, usually overacted and just 90 minute film feels very very long. But then something happens.

You suddenly notice that you are hooked. You are liking all the silliness, weird scenes after another are just in the right spots and even the dialog seems, almost natural... Well not quite, but you still like it!

You start to like everything about them. The music of 70's Gialli's make you smile and you are starting to like the idea that nothing is really happening except the gruesome murders. Okay, I have to say that they put a lot boobs to fill these gaps on the plot and small budgets. And is that so bad thing?


– If you ask this aspect from Azh Boyzz's.

But like i said, we will dig deep in to the good ones, these gems. The Giallo's that are worth watching and watching all over again. The wonderful world of Mario Bava, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, Sergio Martino and many others waits for those who are willing to look deeper to the rabbit hole. Take the blue pill and you can close the browser and never look back again or take the YELLOW pill and I will sharpen my knife and cook up that rabbit for ya!

No one can tell you what the Giallo is. You have to see it for yourself...

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